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Julie Daubenspeck

Julie Daubenspeck is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.  As a pastor’s daughter, she
grew up in the church experiencing both true faith and painful hypocrisy.  Like so many
of us, Julie was broken at an early age and in her pain and desperation, she ran to
Jesus.  He carried her through her darkest days and later through a deep healing and
restoration period.  


Julie believes she is a proverbial Humpty Dumpty who has
miraculously been put back together by the King.  As a Broken Treasure, Julie is
passionate about helping women rise above their brokenness, and any perceived
limitations, in order to discover their true identity and purpose through a deeper
relationship with God and others.

Julie started out as an elementary school teacher. She later went back to school,
completing a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy. Julie spent more than 8
years working with victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Prior
to moving to Florida, Julie co-founded a ministry for women in Hawaii called Cracked
Egg Ministries, with an emphasis on helping cracked eggs like herself find healing with
the King.

Julie has been married to her adventurous husband, Vince, for more than 38 years and enjoys spending quality time with him, her three adult children, their spouses, and 11 grandchildren. Prior to her husband’s retirement from the Air Force, Julie spent 20 years as a military spouse. She has lived a lot of life and learned many critical lessons that she believes are helpful in her ongoing work with women. 

Julie and her husband are authors and Julie also speaks in churches and at women’s retreats. You can learn more about their children's books and adult books at Humpty Dumpty Books.  


To learn more about Julie's story, you can hear some of her talks and teachings here, and you can read of her story in her book entitled "Broken Treasures". 


Julie actively provides life coaching online with women through Tin Man Ministries. If you would like to know more about life coaching with Julie, please check out the TinMan Ministries website at Tin Man provides numerous resources you many find beneficial for you or someone you love. 


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